Mayor Kyle Osborne's Welcome

We feel that this is a vital part of keeping Searcy's citizens informed of city services, activities and updated on news concerning every aspect of community living in Searcy. It is my desire that our citizens feel a part of their local government and I encourage you to get involved by making us aware of issues that are important to you and to report specific needs or concerns that you may have. Feel free to use our contact information (e-mail, phone, fax, etc.) to alert me, my assistant, Lillie Cook, our department heads, or aldermen concerning those issues.

Public involvement is important to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our community, and I feel that it is the only way we can stay "in touch" with today's growing concerns of safety, economic growth, public health issues and the growing demands placed on recreational and leisure time activities.

Searcy has many amenities to offer its citizens and visitors. Our quality of living speaks for itself. Our economy is continuing to grow in spite of the national trends; our public schools are ranked at the top of the outstanding public schools in the state; we are home to a vast array of medical staff, facilities and services; we have secondary education facilities with a private Christian institute, Harding University and a technical branch of Arkansas State University; many diverse manufacturing industries and retail and commercial developments; as well as affordable housing, recreational opportunities, low crime, a safe atmosphere to live work and play and a maintained clean and healthy environment.

Searcy is truly, "The City where thousands live as millions wish they could!"

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Projected Use of Sales Tax Revenue
The 1 cent sales tax hard at work.

Comprehensive Plan
Created by our City Planner Jim VonTungeln, AICP