Message From the Chief

The City of Searcy Fire Department is an all hazards organization committed to providing excellence in fire and life safety services for the citizens and visitors of our community through fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue, disaster preparedness, public education, and emergency medical response services.

Our organization, founded in 1926 consisting of 10 volunteer firefighters, has become a modern, career fire department with over 50 full-time employees based out of three fire stations. The City of Searcy Fire Department is accredited by the Center for Public Safety Excellence and has achieved the prestigious ISO Class 1 rating.

We strive to provide unmatched customer service to enhance community safety and reduce risk through initiatives such as providing and installing smoke alarms, performing building inspections, various public education endeavors, and checking and installing car seats.

Please feel free to stop in at any fire station, call us, or interact with us on social media; we are happy to visit or answer any questions you may have. Our fire station locations are:

Central Fire Station is located at Beebe-Capps and Elm, 501 W. Beebe-Capps

Fire Station 2 is behind the hospital at 800 Golf Course Drive

Fire Station 3 is located in the area of Beebe-Capps and Country Club at 2612 W. Beebe-Capps

As a second generation firefighter, it is an honor to represent the great group of professionals within the City of Searcy Fire Department and to serve in such a wonderful community. I am impressed on a daily basis with the compassion and resourcefulness of the men and women of our Department and their commitment to the residents, businesses and visitors of our City. As the Searcy Fire Department moves into our next chapter of service, we will continually seek innovative ways to provide our services in an effort to be more efficient, adaptable and responsive to the needs of our community. We stand ready to assist you in your time of need, day or night, with excellence and compassion.

Yours in service,

Andy Woody, Fire Chief


The only service of its kind, the Insurance Services Office's (ISO) purpose is to review and categorize a community's ability to fight fires. The ISO is in all 50 states and has information on more than 43,000 municipalities across the United States.

ISO measures major elements of a community's fire suppression system, such as personnel training, manning levels of engine and ladder companies, water supply, and distribution systems, receiving and dispatching fire alarms, fire fighting equipment, needed fire flow, and fire company locations. The grade is broken down into three sections:

  1. Water system 40%
  2. Fire department 50%
  3. Communications receiving and handling alarms 10%

By analyzing the data and using criteria outlined in a rating schedule, a field analyst will produce a final classification number for a community. Each of the 43,000 plus communities are graded from one (1) to ten (10), with one being the best. This also would mean lower or higher insurance rates depending on the classification number. Presently, SFD is the only city fire department in the state to have received the ISO Class 1 rating. The firefighters, administration and department personnel have worked diligently to achieve the class 1 rating and continue to work hard to sustain it. It's a great source of pride for the Searcy Fire Department and to the City of Searcy.

Fire Station Tours

Would you like a tour of one of Searcy's fire stations? We would be glad to show you around! We give tours and safety talks to your child's class, senior groups, civic groups, church groups, etc. Or just bring your family by!

To schedule a tour, please call (501) 279-1066.

What We Do

The Searcy Fire Department doesn't just put out fires! Want to know what else we do?

We respond to:

  • All fires (building, vehicle, grass, etc.)
  • Hazardous materials incidents
  • Downed power lines or transformers
  • Residential and commercial fire alarms
  • Motor vehicle accidents


Child Safety Seat Program
  • You may not know this, but we have a Child Safety Seat Program. Sixteen of our firefighters went through an intensive 40 hour class to become Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians so that they could help provide a safer environment for your children.
  • On any given day, we should have at least one technician available to help you with your child's carseat. They can check for recalls, visible defects and proper installation. If you would like to have your child's safety seat checked, call 279-1066 or come by one of our three stations.
Pet Identification Program
Fire Prevention Program
Smoke Detector Program
  • If you are elderly or handicapped, and need help replacing your smoke detector or its batteries, please call us! We will be glad to come do this for you. Just give us a call at 279-1066.


  • Fire Investigation Team
  • Swift Water Rescue Team
  • High Angle Rescue Team
  • Dive Team
  • Haz Mat Team

We also:

  • Are required to have approximately 300 hours of training every year
  • Change Your Clocks, Change Your Battery Campaign
  • Perform extrication at accident scenes
  • Assist EMS personnel when needed
  • Building and fire safety inspections
  • Try to do all of our own maintenance on engines and equipment
  • Attend fire drills and give fire safety talks at local schools
  • Install smoke detectors for the elderly and handicapped
  • Provide fire extinguisher training for individuals and businesses
  • Produce pre-fire plans for all commercial buildings
  • Install hydrant markers
Andy Woody - FD Chief
Brian Dunavan - Battalion Chief Carl Raia - Battalion Chief Eddie Hollis - Battalion Chief
Ryland Lauen - Battalion Chief Andrew Bogan - Fire Captain Brad Morris - Fire Captain
Corbry Swain - Fire Captain Josh Oakes - Fire Captain Keith Carlisle - Fire Captain
Lance Oakes - Fire Captain Mike Stout - Fire Captain Neil Boyce - Fire Captain
Tim Hawkins - Fire Captain Bryon Jones - Lieutenant Casey Howell - Lieutenant
Cody Larque - Lieutenant Danny Short - Lieutenant Eric Meharg - Lieutenant
Garren Batts - Lieutenant John Falwell - Lieutenant John Henderson - Lieutenant
JoPat Black - Lieutenant Mark Dennison - Lieutenant Ryan Rogers - Lieutenant
Sam Story - Lieutenant Bart Jennings - Firefighters Blake Ashenberger - Firefighters
Brandon DeFoure - Firefighters Caleb Kiihnl - Firefighters Christian Mata - Firefighters
Dillon Strayhorn - Firefighters Dillon Swain - Firefighters Drake Wilson - Firefighters
Gary Kirby - Firefighters Hunter Heep - Firefighters Isaias Thomas - Firefighters
Jake Green - Firefighters Jeremy Ingram - Firefighters John Gernenz - Firefighters
John Green - Firefighters Larry Cloyes - Firefighters Levi Garrison - Firefighters
Marcus Bettis - Firefighters Parker Burford - Firefighters Randy Salvo - Firefighters
Robert Beel - Firefighters Rocky Maxwell - Firefighters Rodrigo Thomas - Firefighters
Ryan Herrin - Firefighters Shelby Spencer - Firefighters Will Glass - Firefighters
Zack Derrick - Firefighters Tom Martin - Chaplain Guy Grady - Fire Inspector
Lisa Coleman - FD Administration Debbie Raney - ISO Administration